Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's hear it for the Girls

This mom got some much needed grown-up, girl time this weekend. Every other Thursday I participate in a bible study with women I have known for pretty much my whole life. Sadly, for quite some time life got in the way, but it has been such a blessing to reconnect with them over God's word. We took our show on the road this past weekend and though most of us are blogging moms didn't manage to come home with a single picture.
We had such a wonderful time doing a whole lot of nothing. Between the company, laughing until my stomach was sore, and sticking my toes in the sand for the first time in several years, it was a balm for my soul! My guys at home didnt' seem to miss much of a beat without old Mom around, so that seems like a good enough reason to do it more often.
I will say I think Noel was a little ticked at me for leaving. He was fine this morning before I left for work, but when I arrived home he would not let his Aunt Jessica go. He normally runs to the door to greet me, but tonight made it very clear he could do without me. Of course, he came around fast once I started cooking supper. He definitely proves the adage about the way to a man's heart. He also signed for the first time. I gave him his first sample bite and he did his normal squeal/whine for more. I signed more and gave him some. I was busy cooking but then I looked down and saw him signing away for more. I could have just burst I was so proud. Chris and Chase were at soccer and did not believe me when they got home, but sure enough he signed more for them when I gave him some crackers. Chase was so cute, I think he might have been more proud than Chris and I.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mr. Big Stuff and the Country Singer

I love this age! Even though Noel is into EVERYTHING, pitching temper tantrums often, and loves making people say, "OW!" (more on that), I love this stage of development. Don't get me wrong, little babies are wonderful and stay where you put them, but I prefer the energy, curiousity and sturdiness of a toddler any day.
I love that he comes running to the door when I get home from work and stands on my feet grunting for samples while I am cooking dinner. I love that he knows what doggies and cows say and when he's babbling you can often catch the tune of "Elmo's song". I love that he goes and gets his blanket out of his crib and lays his head on it when he is tired. I even love when he pitches little tantrums at the dinner table until you find the object of his desire and then they stop immediately.
In short Noel is just one big source of joy. It is even comical (though I know it won't be later) when he looks at you, screams "OW!', pulls your hair until you say "OW", and laughs. As I read that it doesn't sound cute or funny but trust me, it is.
I have always thought Chase inherited his PeePaw Lyle's musical ability. Not that he plays an instrument or anything but he is constantly making up songs or trying to pick songs out on his keyboard, guitar, or drum. Last night he was playing the drum in Noel's room and here is the song he sang:
Well I'm a big strong man
Doin what I can
But you took my heart away
Well, don't mess with me
Or I'll destroy your property
Looks like I may have to pack up and move to Nashville.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Noel's New Shoes

The Crocs outlet was having a great sale when Chris and I went out the other night (and by the way we realized our last real date was actually November for his birthday). Anyways, we bought the boys matching Crocs for summer, but couldn't resist trying Noel's on. He wasn't really sure what to make of them as you can see.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Sweet Boys

Perhaps the spirit of Valentine's Day is in the air because my guys have been especially sweet lately.

This guy, who got to spend the better part of the weekend with his Granny, was totally bummed when she had to leave on Sunday afternoon. To cheer him up I took him to pick out his Valentine's for his class. While we were at the store, he bought his brother a book and his dad a pack of gum as an early Valentine with his own money.
Thanks to my mom being in town, this guy took me on a date. It was well deserved because as best we can remember, the photo above was taken on our last one...for my birthday in May! We had a wonderful time and he even helped me shop for work clothes. He valiantly offered to see Bride Wars but I didn't torture him that much and we compromised on Taken. I thought it was very good, but I obviously don't get out much, so don't necessarily take my word for it.
And this little fellow is always sweet but is even cuter now as when you pucker up and make the "mmm" sound for a kiss he responds with a "buh" sound and comes and gives you one! We have decided he hasn't quite mastered the 'M' sound because he also says that cows say "Boo". As of one week ago, he has not had a single bottle (good thing I snapped this shot at Christmas time). I can't believe how fast he is growing, and I am so thankful to constantly be reminded that the sweetest things in life aren't things.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009