Thursday, October 22, 2009

Orange you glad it's fall?

We sure are, because it brings so many of our favorite things! One of those being Clemson Football. The weather forecast called for sunny and 60, perfect football weather, so we decided to let Noel attend his first game. The weather reality was cold and rainy and we aren't so sure it cracked fifty up where we were sittting. We still had an absolute blast, though we stopped two times between home and the stadium to secure proper attire. Noel got all snuggly warm wrapped in a fleece blanket and a poncho (that was slightly thinner than a grocery bag) and slept throught the better part of the second quarter.

Here is our crew. Die-hard Tiger fans and (hopefully) Bulldog converts!

I am a little biased but, no matter the weather, I tend to think it is always a beautiful day in Clemson!

Other things do happen in the fall besides College Football, and we manage to fit those in as well. Noel had his very first field trip to the Pumpkin Farm. You will see Noel is sporting the latest in Halloween fashion courtesy of his amazing daycare teachers. I am so blessed to have him at such a great facility.

We enjoed a hayride (and throwing hay).

Looking at all the BIG pumpkins.

And trying to bust up into the chicken coop while "cockadoodledooing". Noel also stayed very busy making sure none of his fellow classmates borrowed his mom while we were there. Everything to Noel is "MINE" especially his mommy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

The Wild Things are at a local Wildlife Preserve in these photos. It is a really neat place that allows you to see the animals up close.

They had tortises in a fence. Noel was terrified of them which is why he is on his Dad's shoulders in this photo.

Noel was fond of the "birdie" but we were so afraid the emu was going to peck his fingers.

The volunteer was kind enough to let the boys pet a lemur.

"What are we looking for PeePaw?"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Back!

Top Seven Indications your Monday morning is off to a bad start...

1- After you get out of the shower you walk through the darkened kitchen to start the coffee, through a puddle of what turns out to be dog pee tracking it through said kitchen.
2- Mopping the kitchen floor takes up the time you now weren't able to spare by hitting snooze.
3- Your child will not wake up and everytime you leave the room thinking he is up and getting dressed, you return to find him sound asleep.
4- Upon walking to the laundry room to "iron"(i.e. throw dampened shirt into dryer) your son's shirt, a mouse (the most frightening thing in the world) crosses your path.
5- You speed to school like a raving maniac only to find you are already tardy. The office is a ten mile trek from the parking lot and you have to unpack your toddler and head through the chilly mist to check your oldest in.
6- While checking in, a fellow mom mentions returning to school to take photos of "crazy sock day", and you realize your child will be the only one without crazy socks.
7- You finally arrive at your desk frazzled but glad to have made it to work. When you sit down and pull up your electronic calendar, you realize you should have been at the dentist 15 minutes ago.
Perhaps these are not across the board indicators, but if you find any of the above happening I highly reccomend going back to bed. I certainly wish I had.