Monday, April 9, 2012

Eventful Easter

One day I will learn to be careful what I wish for. I had all these Pinterest inspired Easter plans in order to make good use of the long weekend. I intended to purposefully make deposits into the boys' memory banks, all the while teaching them about Christ through clever recipes and crafts. After fun filled day of visiting the local creamery, dying Easter eggs, and attending the Good Friday church service we arrived home to make our Resurrection cookies.

This magical moment quickly turned into a spatula sword fight over who was going to get to pour what into the bowl. There was so much chaos, I began screaming the bible verses that corresponded to the recipe actions. Let me just say that my experience did not mimic, at all, the blog post I got the idea from: two adorable little girls dutifully taking in instruction from their mother. Alas, in the confusion a step was missed and our cookies turned into blobs rather then empty tombs. I was, in retrospect, overly upset by the failed experiment.

After the boys went to bed, Chris and I discussed/processed and I told him how sad I get about the boys growing up so fast and the pressure I feel to make special memories for them. ( I also lamented my lack of a daughter, but that is a different story. )

On Saturday we headed up to my in-laws and eventually went for a little hike. Which led to climbing some trees. While this one may look high, it was not the tree that led to this...

As we drove home from the ER with Chase's left arm in a temporary cast, Chris reminded me of my desire to make powerful memories. I suppose I can cross that off the old 'to do' list.