Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Halloween Flashback

Chase's 1st (Giraffe) and 2nd(Monkey)Halloweens

Monday, October 27, 2008


Chase was giving Noel his bottle on Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church. He was going on and on telling him how cute he was. Then he said, "You are so cute. You are so brown and fuzzy and cute." Mr. Brown Cute and Fuzzy is now officially a walker. Yikes, my baby is now a toddler :(.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is NOT happening at our house at,oh,5am

I seem to have an early riser on my hands. The past three days my day has begun at 5:00am. Have I mentioned I am not a morning person? Noel is though. He wakes up bright and early with a big grin on his face, anxious to begin his walking practice. The practice is paying off and just this morning he took six or so steps from Chris to me. Also, I noticed he can throw a ball. This may be right on track developmentally, but it struck me as quite advanced. He found a small, soft ball in his room and threw it (with correct form I might add) then crawled after it and threw it again. Even at 5 am he is a pretty amazing kid.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Picture pages

Sunday I had a little fall photo shoot for nearly 10 month old Noel. I mainly did this because I am feeling intense second child guilt for not having his picture made as much as I did Chase's. I so wish I were a better photograher! The close ups turned out pretty good ( I think I will get some prints of them) even though Noel wasn't smiling. He was busy watching Daddy run Chase around the yard. Why, you ask? Because while Chase did not want his picture made, he didn't want any one else to. The one picture of him below, where I think he looks like a teenager actually kind of matches the attitude he had on Sunday. So much to look forward to!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gimme three steps

That could be little Noelly's theme song right now. He has bravely taken three steps on his very own. He began going diagonally across the playpen and has now branched out a little but he still prefers to crawl because that is much faster. I find it odd that both my sons walked at 9 months, though they are not genetically related.
Noel is definitely a more timid walker than Chase was. Chase was a late crawler and the first time he really "got it" he crawled right to the couch, pulled up, and began to cruise. He never looked back. Noel will pull up and contemplate letting go for a really long time. Then he may or may not. He isn't big on cruising either. If he wants to be somewhere, he just drops to his knees and crawls there. With these few steps under his belt though, I know it won't be long until he is running and climbing.
The latest Chaseism happend yesterday afternoon. He was trying to ask me why we celebrate Halloween, but he wasn't phrasing it that way. He had me totally confused, and finally he said, "What did God do on Halloween?" That turned on the lightbulb and I had to explain the difference between Christian and non-Christian holidays. We then, of course, had to analyze every single holiday to determine the difference. Including the holiday where we eat the "really big chicken", Thanksgiving, and "Crazy sock day", which they celebrate at his school. He actually was teasing when he asked about crazy sock day which totally cracked us both up. I wonder where he gets that wit???

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pictures 5 / Teeth 0

I thought everyone might enjoy this series of pictures taken in attempt to get a snap shot of the new tooth. ( He now has 2, thank you very much, but he still isn't showing them off). In addition to costume suggestions (see below), I am also seeking night waking advice. Noel has decided 2:30 am is prime play time. He wakes up and talks to his stuffed animals for a while then decides he wants a little more interactive conversation. Long story short, we usually get him back to bed after about an hour and a half. Anybody got a solution for me?

Feeling Fallish

I have a confession to make. I am a holiday junkie. I love all holidays. I love decorating for them and I even wear dorky seasonal shirts. I love Christmas best of all. This past weekend there was so much housework to be done, but instead I decorated the house for fall and Halloween (this is especially exciting because my normal house decor will be packed up until New Year's). And now despite the fact is was in the 80's the past two days it seems the weather is getting into the spirit too.
Also, at my house, much consideration is being give to this year's costume choice. The final decision will not be made until much closer to the actual day. Why, you ask? Well, no less than 3 times I have heard "Mom, here is what I want to be for Halloween. I won't change my mind, I promise," all about different costumes. Chase was Wolverine last year as you can see below.

I am hoping I can convince Chase to go for a tandem costume with Noel. He is really into Star Wars at the moment so I am hoping for a Jedi and an Ewok. I am so open to cute suggestions so if you have any, comment away! Remember they have to pass muster with Wolverine.