Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a Pity(riasis)

I currently have a harmless, but most unattractive skin condition called Pityriasis Rosea. I look like I have a cross between poison ivy and a bad case of Chicken Pox. Being the overachiever that I am, I have an atypical case because unlike normal strains mine is on my face, below my knees and on my hands. While I never considered myself a vain person, but this little predicament, which can last up to 16 weeks in some cases, has really made me question that. I am trying not to have self pity (get it), but I am a bridesmaid in my sister- in- law's wedding next month and I so don't want to look like a leper. Anyhoo, I said all that not to whine, but to convey the following about my dear oldest who is getting into the "embarrassed of my parents" stage.

Chase has been monitoring my condition closely and everyday greets me with a grimace and informs me I have more spots. The other day he was quite taken aback to see I had spots on my face. He actually asked if I knew I had spots on my face now, which oddly enough I did. The look on his face was pure mortification and he asked, "How long does this last again?" I told him it could last up to several months. I asked him if he was embarrassed by me and his sweet, priceless response was, "not on purpose". Now he will just walk by and shake his head and mutter "more spots".

The good news is Noel remains oblivious to the fact his mother needs a Bur'qua. He is content to walk around chanting, "Licka Licka Loo Loo". Don't bother asking, we have no idea where he picked this up. I asked his teacher and she said she was wondering if it was something we said at home, ummm no. He says it all the time! He has also taken to adding the 'y' sound to the end of every word. For instance he asks for "juicy" or "milky". He is very two these days and doesn't hesitate to express his opinions, but then he smiles that incredible smile and you just have to kiss him. And when you do, he giggles and says, "Licka Licka Loo Loo."