Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turbulent, Terrific Tuesday

Today my firstborn turns 9. How on Earth can it be nine years ago that they placed that tiny bundle in my arms? I had only intended to drop off his requested cookie cake to be served for desert at lunch. Last night, however, I was shocked when Chase was quite affronted that I was not going to be there to serve his birthday cake. He then accused me of never coming to school for his birthday. (Last year, I not only came to school, I came dressed as a tiger in my University's mascot outfit). So, even though he is likely to forget it, I did indeed eat lunch with him at school, serve his cookie cake, and then checked him out early to spend one on one time to boot. That was the the terrifice part.

The turbulent part was mainly the morning. Noel and I walked Chase in to school, because I wanted to make sure the cake was there in case something came up at work. I caught up with Chase's teacher in the hallway and chatted with her for awhile about Chase's schoolwork. I thought Noel had walked into the classroom with Chase. A few minutes later Chase and his classmates filed out of the room with no Noelly. A brief moment of panic led to him being found in the computer lab using copious amounts of hand sanitizer. Then as we made our way to the office we turned around to avoid a traffic jam only to be right smack dab in another.

By the time we got to daycare, Noel had made a stinky. I went to change him and then made him go ahead and peepee in the potty. The operative word being made him. At daycare they sit down to do all their business, so to be consistent I sat him on the potty. Well, let's just say things weren't pointed in the right direction and he soaked his shorts, socks, and the floor. I really think he wanted to tell me, " I told you so", but he doesn't quite have the smart alec vocabulary down pat.

I am going to have to watch that one though. He did not eat enough supper to get leftover cookie cake, but his naieve mother left the cake on the counter. I walked into the kitchen to find him licking icing off his fingers. I closed the container and told him he could not have any then went back out of the kitchen. The second time I returned to the kitchen he had a handful of icing. I moved the cake completely, but also started cleaning off the table and mess from dinner. After he licked the icing off his hand, he came up behind me and tried to push me out of the kitchen saying "leave" and looking to where the cake had been.

Just another day in the life of a mom and her two fun sons!