Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny is Dead

This past Easter weekend began with us missing Holy Thursday Mass due to soccer, and ended with Chase finding out the 'truth' about the Easter bunny. Here's what happened in between.

Chase had his monthly eye therapy appointment in Marietta on Friday morning and I had planned to take him to see How to Tame Your Dragon as a treat. Chris suggested we meet up to see it and that started the domino effect that resulted in our not only missing the movie but Mass that evening as well. It is a long, frustrating story, that also resulted in Chase seeing the Easter basket goodies in the van without me knowing.

As it turns out, it was likely a blessing we missed church because Chase's complained of a tummy ache right before bed, and woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. This changed all our Easter plans including the most important, Mass. Chris needed to make an announcement at our church so that meant I would go to the 2 hour and 45 minute vigil on Saturday night putting me home, exhausted, at 11:00.

Here is where things start to go really wrong, and I made the fatal errors that lead to the loss of the Easter bunny. First, I use the same candy in the baskets as the eggs. Second I use some extra candy we had in the candy bowl because they honestly don't usually pay that much attention, and we decided to hide more eggs than usual since we weren't attending the family egg hunt. Third, we decide that rather than get up at the crack of dawn to hide the eggs we will wait and do it in the afternoon, again because we don't plan to go anywhere, but I write the bunny a note to leave the eggs for us to hide later.

Here are the innocent looking baskets that lead to the discovery.

Noel is quite pleased with his basket, especially the jelly beans!

Here is Chase saying, "I saw this in the van. Mom, do you make our baskets?" I figure I am busted at this point and so I just confess. That yes, I make the baskets but the Bunny d0es the eggs, and this year instead of hiding them we asked him just to leave them and we would hide them later. He is not impressed, but grudgingly accepts it.

This photo is taken right before Chase puts two and two together after finding the same gummies that were in his basket and some obscure candy that only he knew we had in our candy bowl. He angrily asked if I was the Easter bunny, and because I am a terrible liar, and well he is 8 years old, I gently say yes. He sat down in yard and cried, we sat down in the yard and cried.
Later on, we decided to take in How to Tame Your Dragon and this time we made it. Noel loved it and sat riveted the entire time. Chase told all his grandparents he knows the truth. And, well, I have recovered from the tragedy as best I can, and am working on keeping Jolly Ol' Saint Nick alive and well.