Tuesday, April 29, 2008


...or Daddy's dreaming big. I had to work all day two Saturdays ago and Chase spent the night with Nanny and Peepaw, so Chris played photographer. Noel had his 4mos. check up yesterday where he weighed in at 18 lbs.(honestly everyone who holds him on a regular basis was sure it would be heavier) and 25 and 3/4 inches. 95th and 90th percentil respectively. Daddy's dreams might just come true.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things that make you say GRRR

The first thing that makes me say Grrr is that I have been so stinkin' busy I haven't gotten to partake in my favorite pastime of blogging. I have lots of great pictures and some funny stories but alas have had no time to post them. Things have been moving at such a pace that I hardly know if I am coming or going. Couple that with the fact that Noel has given up sleeping all night and I feel as though I wander about in a constant state of confusion.
On top of that, I have had one of those weeks, and by that I mean one of those weeks where a thousand annoying minor things all happen in the same short span of time and the sum of their parts leave you totally frazzled. Our fish died at the beginning of the week which is really not that big of a deal except I feel somewhat responsible. I had noticed it swimming at an odd, head -down angle between the rocks and the bowl, but I didn't think much of it. As it turns out, it was stuck thus making me a fish killer.
Within the last 24 hours the following things happend: I spilled a Diet Coke all over my keyboard at work, Chris had a minor fender bender, Chase lost his dinner and 2 glasses of milk all over the kitchen floor (because he was being a "baby" and tried some of Noel's prunes and cereal which he obviously did not care for), one of my most used dishes shattered into a bizillion pieces, Noel spit up the better part of a bottle on my chest in the middle of the night, Noel had the dirty diaper from he** to the point I just trashed the onesie and sleeper and gave him an early morning bath, and I hit a bird right before I dropped Chase at school, thus making me a fish and bird killer.
Tons of good things have happend within the past 24 hours as well. I am not unaware that things could be much worse. My kids are healthy. Chris was not hurt nor was I when the dish shattered. My keyboard still works and the bird did not shatter my windsheild. I also got to eat lunch outside in this amazing weather with two of my favorite people Mary Beth and Ella. Life on the whole is great or should I say grrreat?

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Week that Was

Whew, What a week! Chase had a great time at Granny's and came home in time to kick off his t-ball season. (I will add those pictures soon.) I had an incredibly busy week at work, and all the while we were trying to prep for our home study which is a part of the adoption process. Plus we had our first adoption hearing this morning.
Having Chase away for a few days really proved the adage, "absence makes the heart grow fonder." His energy and humor were so welcome when he returned on Wednesday evening. As we were getting ready for bed that night, I banged my wrist really hard on the dresser. There is an outside chance I was being a little dramatic about how much it hurt. Chase said, "Mom, that is nothing compared to how bad Wolverine was hurt. He had his bones replaced with knives, so really that is nothing." I guess that is 6 yr. old boy for suck it up.
Thursday was the t-ball game. Chris had to substitute coach, and I think he was a little nervous. Unlike the name implies, the batters are actually pitched to by the coach and only hit off the tee if they miss 4 pitches. So, Chris made his pitching debut and did very well. In fact, out entire team was just exceptional. They don't keep score in t-ball, but our kids just looked like they knew what they were doing. A girl on the team we played Saturday ran off the field mid-game only to return with a Peanut Butter sandwich. Young children playing organized sports is true comedy!
Saturday we had our home study and it went very well. Today we had our court hearing that terminated the parental rights of Noel's biological parents! According to our attorney he is ours and the final adoption hearing on May 20th is just a formality. We are so happy and blessed.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Cat's away

Well, Chase is at Granny's in Charlotte for his long awaited and much needed "vacation". I took the opportunity to attempt in making some really good pictures of Noel. Photography is not a talent of mine, but that does not stop me from trying. This first picture is just a funny one of Noel eating his fruit and cereal. Believe it or not this is a fairly clean version of what he usually looks like. Feeding him is a real challenge because he gets so excited when the spoon comes near his face that he shoves his fist in his mouth. He then rubs his fist all over his head.
The following two shots are my attempt at photography. The biggest problem I had was that every time you prop Noel in a sitting position he arches his back and scoots his body down. So most of my pictures were predominantly his ample belly with his little face peeking over it. It got to the point where it was down right comical and I laughed out loud after each shot. Hey, if you've got it flaunt it, I guess.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Status quo

Not a lot going on at the Lammers' house, but I am at an age where I know that is a good thing. I will post some random pictures that have no particular story to go along with them until I have something entertaining to impart.