Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time Marches On...

Last night I attended the parent information session for rising 6th graders.  That's right, middle school.  I sat in the bleachers with tears in my eyes as the stark realization that my baby was going to be one of these smelly, obnoxious creatures.  I have seen this coming-  I mean one day he is playing Legos and the next he wants to download a Wiz Khalifa tune.  I smell the Axe body spray wafting down from his bathroom upstairs, and have seen the looks confirming he believes I am an idiot.  But it wasn't until last night, surrounded by hundreds of them I fully realized he would really be going to this proverbial dark side.

I feel like I am in the first car of the train on a really tall roller coaster.  When you are waiting in line that hill doesn't look so scary, but when you are about to careen head first down your reaction is physical, and it is fear.  Will I/we be enough to stand in the void between this big cruel world and this really good kid and have the scales tip in his favor.  Have we covered him in enough parenting and prayer to get him to adulthood fairly unscathed and mostly virtuous?

Will he know that I don't dislike the young adult he is becoming but I deeply mourn that little kid he leaves behind?