Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Months worth of Fun Sons

Ok, so who am I to let a serious case of writers block deprive my loyal reader(s) of photos and updates on the 2 fun sons. So here goes...in chronological order:

Due to several extraneous circumstances, and mostly just because that is how our fall seemed to go, we carved a Thanksgiving pumpkin this year. It was just as much fun as it's overdone Halloween cousin and the leaf pattern provided a lovely decoration for dinner at Chris' parents.

Here we are in a rare shot that includes the entire family, and in this case, pumpkin guts.

Around the time of Chase's first Christmas, Chris' parents began a great tradition of celebrating the feast day of St. Nicholas with a stocking exchange. Chase's aunt Steph got him a booklet of 350 temporary tatoos, which he applied the first, oh, ten percent of that evening. I have to come up with an appropriate way to thank Aunt Stephie for that.

Noelly was especially excited about his 'pop' which is Noel for Lollipop.

Noel got his very own tree this year which he loves to take the ornaments off and put them back on. He actually does this very carefully and for the most part leaves the trees alone.

At last it was time to post for our Christmas card photo. Chris snapped this picture of Chase while I was running after Noel in the backyard. I had to include it in the blog because when I popped up on the computer for the first time I gasped and got tears in my eyes. Look at how grown up this kid is!!!

And lastly the shot that most of you have gracing your Christmas card holders as I type...

And just in case I hit another blogging dry spell, may God bless you and yours this Christmas and in the year to come.