Monday, June 14, 2010

My 2 and a half month absence, explained

I can honestly say that the past two and a half months have been, perhaps, the busiest for our family yet. We have celebrated a wedding, a First Communion, the end of Chase's 2nd grade year, Mother's Day, Noel's adoption day, 6 birthdays, and our anniversary. Oh, and we took a weekend trip to the Aquarium in Atlanta. Without further adieu, here are some photo highlights.

Noel really enjoyed the Olympic Park Fountain.
Both boys loved the Aquarium, which was a surprise for Chase to celebrate the end of his school year.

They also enjoyed staying in the "big" city in the Hyatt.

Chase was on the honor roll and was given the "Excellent Infering" award in his class.

Noel very much enjoyed his A-day cupcake I brought to his daycare class. We has a dinosaur themed adoption day party. Which was overshadowed by Chase recieving his first set of stitches. He cut his finger while trying to make a dinosaur costume out of cardboard for the party.

He has a wonderful 1st Communion and was able to celebrate with two of his besties, Patrick and Christopher.

I have lots more to report and once I get my hands on some of Chris' sister's wedding pictures I will devote an entire post to that.