Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Easter Surprise!

If you knew me well, as the four people who follow this blog do. You would know I am the last person who would welcome a rodent into their house. So, I can honestly not explain what possessed me to decide to get the boys a bunny for Easter. Even more unlikely is the fact that Chris agreed to this wacky idea. So much so that all Chase could say all day is "I can't believe you got us a bunny, but I really can't believe Dad let you!"

Nevertheless, I became slightly obsessed with the notion of greeting the boys with their very own rabbit on Easter morning. So, a few phone calls and some internet research later and on

Saturday afternoon I picked up this little girl. I wanted to name her Maisy. Chase did not care for that, but offered Daisy. Noel wanted to name her Parker (coincidentally, his best friend's name).

The boys are totally infatuated. Buddy is not amused. And I am no longer the only girl in the house. Well, sort of, Daisy lives on the porch but comes in to hang out.

We had a wonderful Easter even though Chris' dad ended up in the hospital. We had much to be thankful for as his chest pain was not a heart attack but a warning sign of a blockage and as of this post he is recooperating at home.