Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Photos and I am a "didiot"

We had a BLAST having family photos done on Sunday! Here are a few. Chase, who really dreaded the entire thing became America's Next Top Model striking poses before being asked. Noel could occasionally be bribed to stay in the shot with gummies. I can't believe how grown up and handsome my two fun sons are.

I fully intended the photos to be the bulk of the blog today, but on the way home, out of the blue, Noel said, "I can't talk to you mom you're a diditot." As I was thinking to myself 'did he just call me an idiot', he repeated "you're a didiot, mom". After some gentle correction, I was informed that Little Foot (character on Land Before Time) says it all the time, but I have my doubts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Profound Wisdom from the 9 yr, old

We are in the thick of potty training at our house. This is version, oh, 4.0 at least. Noel is doing great this go round, peepeeing very consistently and 3 poopoos in the potty, thank you very much. He should be, the entire thing has been on his terms, but I digress.
The real motivator of late is the big boy underwear. This morning Chase was supervising as I was getting Noel dressed. When it was underwear time, Noel became ecstatic and began to dance and chant about his drawers. Chase turned to me and matter of factly observed, "Give a kid some big boy pants, and they think they rule the world."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowy Forecast

Well, the forecast is calling for snow-AGAIN. So, in honor of that I am posting some photos from Snowpocalypse 2011. Our week of snow was a lot of fun. However I am fairly certain Chase will lose his mind if they have to make up another day of school. His school decided to go on MLK day and he pitched such a fit, you'd have thought HE marched in Montgomery! He is all for a snow day, but totally does not get the concept that those days have to be made up.
Speaking of Chase, he did his vision therapy tonight without complaint and spoke of the times when he complained about it for hours on end as far in the past. We had such a great conversation together during the therapy that it brought tears to my eyes because he was talking to me so maturely. I am totally amazed he was in such a good mood considering today was "Red Day" at his school and in his words he was the "only person at his school who was not wearing red." Oh well, he was at school, dressed and on time so I don't plan to lose any sleep tonight.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A no good, very bad day (week, month)?

The plague swept through our house the past week and a half. It started with Chris having the flu, the mid-point was Chase contracting strep, and lastly I came down with the flu and then a secondary bacterial infection. As is usually the case, mom got it the worst and the longest. I was literally in bed from Tuesday through Friday, and still wasn't too hot the entire weekend.
It was a horrible feeling on top of feeling horrible. Noel, who thankfully escaped the germs, was constantly trying to sneak into the bedroom where I was. He is currently obsessed with all things dinosaur, including The Land Before Time, and at one point I could here the characters singing a song about missing their families. In a matter of minutes, Noelly is trying to sneak into my bed. Chris and to come get him and he sobbed and sobbed like his little heart was breaking, and, of course, so did I.
Now that I am on the road to recovery, I am having a really hard time getting back on track. So is the family. At least I hope that is our problem. I am not, by nature, a positive person. I have to make a concerted effort to see the glass as half full. I have, in my adulthood, just come to recognize this as my personality and I do make that concerted effort. I fear Chase has inherited some of the less desireable traits of my personality and this is one of them. One "off" thing, no matter how minor can throw him into a downward spiral.
Last night the thing was he had written the date as 1-32-11 on his paper. I told him this couldn't be correct as no month has more then 31 days. Who would think this minor, really cute, little error could lead to a major meltdown? It did complete with tears, threatening punishments, etc. It seems his teacher did not change their classroom calendar, and he just could not admit or accept his responsibility and change the date. Have a I mentioned he is strong-willed? Remember those less than desireable traits from me...
Once we FINALLY got past the fact the date was February 1st and it would indeed have to be changed on the paper, Chase proceeded to throw a full-blown pity party about everything he percieved to be wrong in his life, including but not limited to: his vision therapy (another post), homework, the brevity of his summer vacation, the fact we do not spend enough time together as a family, and him mom is the only one who works outside the home. Ultimately, the discussion and fallout was ended by bedtime and things were back to semi-normal this morning.
I will admit it did open a floodgate of guilt, emotion, and questions. I will also admit this is one of many similar incidents. Am I raising a brat? Should I quit my job and stay home? Is Chase's rotten attitude my fault somehow? Or, is it what Chris suggested, just a bad day?