Monday, January 24, 2011

A Tale of Two Beds

So, sometime in, say, mid-September, we finally took down Noel's crib. This was NOT a lightly made decision as Noel loved his crib and slept in it so well. But let's face it, the kid is huge and he had totally outgrown his crib. We pulled the molded firetruck bed out of the basement, Noel was thrilled, and the first few days went deceptively well. Then reality set in. The child would not stay in his bed. And we aren't talking sit in the floor and look at books or play with toys. We are talking constantly getting up and traipsing into the living room. If he heard us coming, he would sprint to his room and slam the door. This would go on until late into the night, way past when Chris and I would want to go to sleep.
Eventually, we just started letting him sleep with Chase, as I am a big believer in whatever works for everyone to get a good night's sleep. They both seemed happy as clams with the arrangement so we decided to invest in a set of bunk beds. Finally we were able to pick them up in early December, and to say the boys were excited is a total understatement. Even now, more than a month later they switch from top to bottom bunk until they finally settle down in one. Nevermind, the fact we chose a twin over full model thinking they would at least sleep downstairs if they chose to sleep together, they are always two peas in a pod.
I am not naieve enough to think this brotherly love will last, but for now it warms my heart.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Semi-Silent Saturday

My resolution is not off to a banging start. I had decided to at least try to post one blog a week which makes this one a day late. Today we finally transferred our Christmas photos from the camera to the computer so today's theme is: Christmas Retrospective.

Noel turned three! We had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday, but his big party comes in May when we celebrate his adoption.
I am fairly certain Noel's favorite part of Christmas was the cookies. He had one in had constantly for approx. 4 days.

Chase was thrilled with most of his gifts this particular one was a new Wii game from Grandma and Papa.

Santa was good to the boys as usual bringing new bedding for their bunk beds, which were an early Christmas gift in a way. Noel asked Santa for Dinosaur toys and a big shark for the bathtub. Chase wanted Legos, a new DVD player for the van, and surprises. Santa came through. And the last and most exciting Christmas surprise was a white Christmas. It snowed all day, huge wet flakes. Our Christmas dinner turned into a Christmas lunch so my brother could and Chris' family could come and go safely.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Given this is the third snow day in a row, I had to do a little extra thinking about what day it was. This will be my first attempt at uploading a video to the blog. It is a little long, but if you hang on until the end you will see some totally sweet dance moves by one Noel Lammers at the end. This is our Gingerbread House attempt a few days before Christmas. You will have to follow the link because blogger would NOT let me upload here ; (

Thursday, January 6, 2011


My New Year's Resolution is to bring back the blog! I do not usually make New Year's resolutions, but I have been feeling super horrible about my blog neglect. I have so much to report. Obviously the holidays, and Noel's big 3rd birthday. Anyways, I am glad to be back!
Just before Christmas I had an experience that led me to resolve to blog. So here is the story:
Noel is obviously becoming more self-aware. One day he saw a photo of a black man holding a child and said, "that is Noelly and Noelly's Daddy." I just laughed and told him his Daddy was in the bedroom. A few weeks later, at his parent teacher conference I shared the story with his teachers and encouraged them to be open about his adoption and race. A few days later, his teacher told me he had said one of his black schoolmate's father was his daddy.
On the way home Noel said to me, " I want to change colors." Immediately, my mind began to race with worry. I probed Noel and asked him why he wanted to change colors, and he said it was because Daddy wanted him to. Extra panic. Finally, I asked him what color he was going to change to and he said yellow. I was so upset at this point. I was thinking about pursuing counseling, and was nearly in tears that my sweet baby thought he needed to change colors.
I even went so far as to tell Noel that he was perfect and the we loved him no matter what and he never, ever had to change colors. I am telling you, I was beside myself. I am not sure why, but something made he think to ask Noel what color I was. The answer, pink. So then I asked what color Daddy was-green. Chase? Brown
So as it turns out we are just one colorful family and all is well in the world.