Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bear With Me

So I know that I am way behind on posting cute photos of the boys and updates on them in general, but get a load of this. I arrived home from a business trip last night just in time to tag in for Chris to head out on one himself. I was positively exhausted from having driven all day and had just about dozed off on the couch when I heard a strange noise. I was afraid because I was "home alone", but gathered my courage to investigate. I had a sneaking suspicion what I might find ...
The noise continued and I bravely flipped on the carport light. No more than five yards in front of me was a big ol' bear. Big, huge, ginormous, if you will. He( yes, I have decided it is a boy) did not even seem to notice his pursuit of the garbage bag had now been illuminated. After my initial shock, I ran back to Chase's room, and woke him up so he could see the bear too. By the time we got back all Chase got to see was the white trashbag disappearing into the woods.
I called Chris to give him the breaking news and while we were talking the trees started shaking and I could tell the bear was looking back toward the house(or me as I was convinced of at the time) because I could see his tongue licking every so often.
I got Chase up yet again, but he was never able to see the actual bear. Eventually he said, in a very underwhelmed tone, that he was going back to bed. The same could not be said for me. I was totally keyed up, and spent the next several hours alternately trying not to think bear thoughts and generating survival/escape plans in the event the bear were to somehow get in the house. I never claimed to be a rational thinker, but if you need a bear plan, I am your girl.